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What is Hoarding?

April 15, 2010

Hoarding or disposophobia is a mental disorder in which one will obsessively collect items and will not discard anything. These items can be books, clothing, antiques, collectables, animals and in drastic cases, food. Their apartments, homes and land become cluttered and unsanitary with items they have collected over a long period of time (Neziroglu & Bubrick, 2010). Mobility is greatly impaired by the excessive clutter leading to serious hazards. Bugs and rodents may infest the home, the structure of the home may become compromised and the utilities may be disconnected. They can be any age from a child to elderly. It can be genetic or caused by a traumatic situation.  Hoarding affects not only the hoarder themselves but also family and friends. It is also a very costly condition due to the fact that hoarders continuously purchase items unnecessarily.



February 4, 2010

Hoarding does not discriminate. Recent research has indicated that hoarding can be genetic. A hoarder may not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Children can be hoarders just as adults are. Hoarding can be due to a traumatic situation, mental disorder such as OCD.