Helpful Links of California is the nations leader in hoarding cleanup, clutter removal, and organization. Since 1995 they have helped hundreds of families regain control of their homes and lives. They developed this national assistance website so that hoarders and their loved ones anywhere in the country can begin the healing process.For help with any hoarding issues, contact us at (888) 577-7206._________________________________________________________________________________________________

Children of Hoarders is one of the most informative websites on the internet about hoarding. Developed by a child of a hoarder, it is full of information about help for hoarders and their families.


The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation


This site was created to inform and educate the public about animal hoarding.  We are not experts, but  we are a network of volunteers affected by animal hoarding, and want to share what we have learned.


Orange County Task Force on Hoarding

The Orange County Task Force on Hoarding is a collaborative effort of diverse community organizations and representatives who seek to identify and understand the issues, difficulties and causes of human hoarding behavior, to educate the public of these behaviors, and to develop humane options and unnovative interventions.



Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding

Another great free site with tons of information on hoarding, support, and treatment. Please visit this site to learn more!

__________________________________________________________   OCD Intensive Treatment Programs ________________________________________________________________________   Doctors, Therapists & Counselors (by state) for Hoarding: _________________________________________________________________________   Anxiety Disorders Association of America: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies


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