My Thoughts on Hoarding

This semester by far has been very informative for me in regards to hoarding.  It is amazing in one sense that it has risen in popularity as far as stories go. I believe TLC and A&E have brought to light a serious disorder affecting many people to share with others. Hopefully others will come to understand this is more than just laziness. This disorder affects many people beyond the hoarder.

I hope in the near future that animal hoarding will be taken more seriously. As a dog lover, it does sadden me to hear about animal cruelty cases. I know it angers and frustrates people and I hope those people understand that this is animal hoarding and people do need to be held accountable for their actions. Animal hoarders have to receive proper treatment to keep this from happening repeatedly.

I believe it is going to take understanding, patience and support from people. I hope people would become more educated about this disorder and push to have laws changed requiring those diagnosed as hoarders to seek treatment. I am hoping there will be support groups for hoarders that would include professional organizers to share ideas with them.

One of the things I hope to pursue in my own life is to become a community counselor who specializes in hoarding cases. I have already accomplished one part of my goal which is to inform others about hoarding.


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